House Rules and Regulations

  1. No smoking inside the room.
  2. No drinking alcoholic beverages inside the room.
  3. Classmates, friends, acquaintances, or non-relative visitors are not allowed to go inside the room. We have adequate reception area to receive your guests.
  4. Inflammable materials, illegal drugs, firearms, and other toxic or harmful materials are not allowed inside the room or in the premises.
  5. Please observe the following visiting hours: 9AM to 5PM only.
  6. Observe proper room cleanliness and orderliness.
  7. No food preparation or eating meals inside the room. Please prepare your food at the kitchen area and eat meals at designated dining areas.
  8. Laundry basket is provided. It is your responsibility to take the basket full of soiled clothes to the laundry area on your designated date(s) of laundry per week.
  9. Trash bin is provided. It is your responsibility to bring the trash out of the room to the collection area.
  10. Report immediately should there be broken items, busted lights, or bathroom fixtures that need replacement.
  11. The following items are strictly not allowed inside the room: candles, lighting lamps, flat irons, curling irons, electric or gas stove, rice cooker, thermos, water heater, and the like that would cause fires.
  12. Please make it a habit that, when leaving the room make sure to unplug from the outlets all electric appliances, turn off all room lights and electric fan, and make sure that water is not flowing in the bathroom unattended.

These rules and regulations are subject to change and if there are such changes, notice will be adequately posted to conspicuous areas.